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Hey mates, before you start preparing your digital promo packages for us, please think about a few prerequisites that
should be followed ...

1.) All should be professional produced (final mixed and mastered productions, please no rehearsal space demos
or rough mixed material!)

2.) Your music should fit to the genres and priorities of our label! The following styles are very welcome ...
    •  Hard Rock
    •  Melodic Rock
    •  Pop-Rock
    •  Classic Rock
    •  Heavy Rock
    •  Modern Rock
    •  Alternative Rock
    •  Progressive Rock
    •  Heavy Metal
    •  Power Metal
    •  Progressive Metal
    •  Melodic Metal
    •  Symphonic Metal
    •  Neo-Classical Metal
    •  Alternative Metal
    •  Thrash Metal
    •  Dark Metal
    •  Modern Metal
    •  Melodic Death Metal
    •  Technical Metal
    •  Metalcore

3.) You must be the legal holder of all copyrights and distribution rights regarding to the material that is to be
released! If you have already signed contracts with other labels/distributors for special territories (countries or
continents), let us necessarily know that already now and in advance!

Please remember that we receive a lot of new material from many artists/bands each week ... we need a bit time to
sift everything and to have an intense focus on your work. Give us 2-3 weeks for this! In case that we are interested in
a cooperation, we'll concretely contact you!

Thanks a lot, we look forward to receive your submission and to listen to good music!

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